SINCE 1974

IMPLA specializes in the development of customized products and projects, from design to industrialization. We use the most suitable technology and select the raw materials on the basis of the client’s requirements and objectives. We provide a complete range of services, from process and material planning to after-sales services with onsite customer visits.


We develop products and components with superior technical performance, for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, ecology and environment sectors, hydraulic and irrigation projects, automotive industry, marine, electrical, sport and leisure industry, health sector.


Planning based on required nominal and operational conditions

  • Material plan
  • Process plan


  • Prototype production
  • Qualification of materials and processes
  • Optimization of production cycles and equipment


  • Provisioning and storage of materials and specification parts
  • Mold production
  • Structural and non-structural gluing
  • Assembly of mechanical parts
  • Painting
  • Packaging


  • Personalization of the relationship with the customer
  • After-sales service and onsite customer visits
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